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    August 23, 2017 4:11 AM CDT




    Richard Mill's RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon watch

    When someone told me "to see the new Richard Mille RM 69", I did not think too much. I said to myself "great, oversize, over price, limited edition watch from RM". Until the first time I saw it online is perfect. Of course RM 69 is porn Tourbillon! get it? Because it's model is 69. I know a little sticky, but the watch is definitely a statement. Richard Mill is the Frenchman, after all. We all know how the French came down. Sexuality is an important part of their culture, so Mille wants to create a pornographic watch that makes sense. Selling watch Boca Raton.

    replica Glashuette Watches for sale.Richard Mille brand in 2001 and Audemars Piguet cooperation began. The main idea behind the brand is to create a limited number of super advanced features or features of the exquisite watch. Their most famous style, that is, 008 RM, is one of the world's most advanced watches.


    Swiss watch maker Richard Mille throws a tongue-like expression that shows pornographic information. Luxury watch with RM 69 (get it), sport full mechanical manual winding movement, including 505 components and three titanium rollers, each wheel engraved with a random element of the message; including "let me me for a long time I need; Explore; taste; kiss; cause you tonight your lips; your nipples "

    The sport of ultra-luxury watches is designed in cooperation with the legendary Pope of the Swiss legend; the price is not currently available, although we know Mille, we think it will be a medium-sized house.



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    Although most of their marketing campaigns are famous celebrities, I think they will get all the publicity they need from the RM 69 Erotica Tourbillon. When you first see it, you will see why it is called Erotica. At the top of the 12 o'clock table there are three titanium substrates that can be rotated. There is a word on each side of the three boards. You can rotate all three boards to get the phrases you want. One of the main features of the Mille watch is "I want caressing, you're crazy". When you scroll down the page, you can see other combinations such as "Let me kiss you tonight". The watch is described as a playful way of expressing true inner feelings and desires.

    replica PATEK PHILIPPE Grand Complications watches.Richard Mill is not the first one, certainly not the last watchmaker to try to use porn on the watch. Blancpain famous to sell high-end watch, dial shows two people love. And there are many other watches for this type of monitor. Richard Mille has been opposed to food in this way, and this time doing it again.

    Typical with the Richard Mill watch, the sport has a visible tourbillon movement. Power reserve is of course 69 hours. The watch is made of 5 grade titanium. It is 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. The side pusher on the watch will rotate the plate to show different things. Unlike timers, they do not start, stop, or reset the timer. RM 69 is a large watch with a size of 50 x 42.7 x 16.15 mm.replica SEIKO WATCHES